Track Technologies

"All of us have freelanced before so we're just delivering the services we wish we had the way we would want to be treated."

Oryzon Credit

"When you fail, it is because you are trying something new. You are trying to progress and improve your company, but with all things new, you must learn how to master them."

Shared Office Space Etiquette: How To Be A Better Deskmate

When it comes to shared office space, there are written and unwritten rules, just like any traditional office space.

Kennetic Productions

"Chris Kennelly, Founder and Current CEO, started Kennetic in his parent's spare bedroom right after graduating from the University of Florida. We landed Ocean Spray as our second client ever after an intro from his Dad and a meeting with a portable DVD player and college demo reel."

Stylist To Go

"Listening to those that choose you out of the hundreds of other vendors is essential in building loyalty and gaining positive reviews from a client's satisfaction in being heard, even if things didn’t go so well for him/ her the first time around."


“The biggest reward is not only monetary - but the satisfaction of creating something that's never existed before and of course, building a team of great people.”

InGen Technologies, Inc.

“There is a strong tech buzz in the Indianapolis market that is driving opportunity for companies and their teams. The world of software continues to expand..."

Taylor Solution Group

“We have unlimited potential to disrupt an industry that is used to telling clients what they need instead of providing what they want."

Ayush Herbs, Inc.

“I love the fact that every single day we are able to positively impact people’s health through the products we sell and the education we provide."

Code Platoon

“Code Platoon is a nonprofit organization that trains veterans to become professional software developers."