Exclusive Interview: improve it!

"I've been a performer my whole life," says Erin Diehl, the owner and founder of improve it! team-building workshops. "I wanted to be a talk show host, and that is a real fact."

SoMe Connect

"Starting a new business requires grit, determination, and the strong belief that you make your own luck."


"Measure your success, and build your dreams on your own terms. Even if all the stars line up, failure is likely, but the reward of hard-fought success is exhilarating."

Yo-Fi Wellness, Inc.

"Yo-Fi Wellness was founded to respond to consumer preference for video in the realm of healthcare and wellness content. Consumers prefer video over any other means of content delivery, and technology has made delivery easy and convenient."

Sondhelm Partners

"One day, you feel excited about being your own boss and the financial rewards. The next day you agonize about giving up how “good” you had it and your salary...But once you take the plunge, you won’t look back."

Grieboski Global Strategies

"GGS differentiates itself from other firms by serving as an all-encompassing firm that solves problems, manages crises, and fixes issues across a broad spectrum of clients."

JR Partners, LLC

"What you say and what you do every day will either create success or cause derailment. Build your awareness around the choices of your words and actions – these are the most critical tools you have in building your business.”

Assignment Desk

"Our future is continuing to broker great video services by connecting the right client to the right freelance video crew."

JSL Services

“Take care of the people that work for you; they are your most important asset. Treat them the way you would want to be treated, with dignity and respect.”